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  • Casa Popenoe

    Casa Popenoe

    Around the year 1560, on a lot where 6a Calle Oriente meets 1a Avenida Sur, a house was built by Jacomé de...

  • Death and how we celebrate it in Guatemala

    Death and how we celebrate it in Guatemala

    On November 1st, Guatemala experiences one of its biggest celebrations: All Saints’ Day. This celebration of the dead is – ironically –...

  • Our visit to Casa Botran

    Our visit to Casa Botran

    The legacy of passion and tradition created by the Botran Aged Rums first began towards the middle of the XX Century, when...

  • A Day for Maximón

    A Day for Maximón

    On October 28th, in many places in Guatemala, there is a special celebration as it’s the day of Maximón.  Maximón, San Simón,...

  • 10 years of Los Patojos

    10 years of Los Patojos

    In September Asociación Los Patojos celebrated 10 years of being part of an important wave of change – one that gives hope...

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  • The loquats of San Juan del Obispo

    The loquats of San Juan del Obispo

    01 Oct 2016

    A níspero (loquat) is a sweet-yet-sour fruit almost the same size and color as an apricot and tends to be sweeter the...

  • Chispa Action Network

    Chispa Action Network

    01 Oct 2016

    “We are not the future, we are the present” -María, Chispa delegate 2015 There is a powerful global movement afoot, commonly known...

  • The famous Shecas from Xela

    The famous Shecas from Xela

    01 Oct 2016

    Whenever we go on a trip, we usually bring something back in our suitcase that represents the place that we have visited....

  • Monumento 21 de Bilbao

    Monumento 21 de Bilbao

    01 Oct 2016

    Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa is a Municipality in the Department of Escuintla that is located 34km from the regional capital and 90km from...



    01 Oct 2016

    Languages, Fraud, and Rain Welcome once again, my Faithful Readers! When I write this column, sometimes I write it in English and...

  • Bellezas de la Naturaleza

    Bellezas de la Naturaleza

    01 Oct 2016

    From the 24th September onwards this exhibition by the Italian artist Giuseppe Tarnero has been open to the public at the Alianza...

  • A legacy of flavor

    A legacy of flavor

    01 Sep 2016

    It is said that you need great vision and self-belief to turn a dream into reality. During our visit to the San...

  • Association SERES

    Association SERES

    01 Sep 2016

    SERES unleashes youth leadership by enabling young people to step into the roles of innovators, change agents, community organizers, problem-solvers and future...

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  • La Escalonia

    La Escalonia

    La Escalonia 5a Avenida Sur final #36C (MAP C6) 7832-7074 Every day 8 AM-6 PM At Vivero y Café de La Escalonia...

  • Cafe Condesa

    Cafe Condesa

    Cafe Condesa (MAP C4/E3/G3) Sun-Thu 7 AM-8 PM Fri-Sat 7 AM-9 PM Looking for something to satisfy your cravings? Cafe Condesa has great...

  • Doña Luisa Xicotencatl

    Doña Luisa Xicotencatl

    Doña Luisa Xicontencatl 4a Calle Oriente #12, La Antigua 7832-2578 Every day 7 AM-9:30 PM   Doña Luisa Xicotencatl is located very close...

  • Café Sky

    Café Sky

    7a Avenida Norte #80 |  7832-0737 Mon-Sat 7 AM-5 PM This plate is piled high with so much meat that it could easily...



    Longanizas are yet another kind of sausages popular in Guatemala. Like other types of sausages, longanizas are made with ground pork stuffed into a...

  • Vudu Bar

    Vudu Bar

     4a Avenida Norte #3 (MAP D3) |  7832-0268    Every day 5 PM  |  Search Vudú Bar El Barrio (a building located...

  • Michos


    4a Calle Oriente #10, Edificio El Jaulón (MAP D4) Mon-Tue 12-10 PM / Wed-Thu 8 AM-10 PM / Fri-Sat 8 AM-12 AM...

  • Cafe Condesa

    Cafe Condesa

    (MAP C4/E3/G3) Sun-Thu 7 AM-8 PM Fri-Sat 7 AM-9 PM Hungry for Brunch? Cafe Condesa’s Sunday Brunch has become an Antigüeño tradition...

  • Delicias Quetzaltecas

    Delicias Quetzaltecas

    7a Avenida Norte #80 7832-0737 Mon-Sat 7 AM-5 PM Go and try Delicias Quetzaltecas’ scrumptious Quetzaltenango-style food, right here in La Antigua....

  • San Martín

    San Martín

    6a Calle Poniente #5 (MAP D5) Sun-Thu 6 AM-9 PM / Fri-Sat 6 AM-10 PM Fb: /sanmartingt 2420-9938 San Martin fills our...

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  • Qué Pasó Octubre 2016

    Qué Pasó Octubre 2016

    Los Patojos Fiesta en Michos Caminata Club Fotográfico de Antigua Joyería del Ángel Parma Casa del Ron

  • Que Pasó Septiembre 2016

    Que Pasó Septiembre 2016


  • Que Pasó Agosto 2016

    Que Pasó Agosto 2016

    Amanecer Juice Bar Ático de Fridas Bullseye Gaia Del Arco Inauguración Parque Central Feria San Pedro la Huertas Casa Popenoe 

  • Que Pasó July 2016

    Que Pasó July 2016

    Ático de Fridas Cata en Suburbia Ostería Di Francesco Del Arco Elección San Juan del obispo Old Town Outfitters

  • Que Pasó in June 2016

    Que Pasó in June 2016

    Bistro Cinq Suburbia Mesón Panza Verde San Martín La Fonda De La Calle Real Ganache Club Fotográfico Antigua Antigua International School Graveyard...

  • Que Pasó in May 2016

    Que Pasó in May 2016

    Coeli y Qué Gusto Del Arco Fridas Lava Londoner Ocelot Mesón Panza Verde Suburbia  

  • Que Pasó in April 2016

    Que Pasó in April 2016

    Preapertura London Bridge Maridaje Del Arco y ChocoMuseo Cafe Condesa Fridas  ChocoMuseo Lava Ático De Fridas Gaia 

  • Que Pasó in March 2016

    Que Pasó in March 2016

    Mesón Panza Verde La Tortilla Cooking School Gomez Arroyo y Asociados Café Sky Casa Blanca NiFuNiFa Del Arco Fridas Lava

  • Que Pasó in February 2016

    Que Pasó in February 2016

    El Ático de Fridas Angeline ChocoMuseo Marimba de Sábado Doña Luisa Del Arco Cafe Sky Lava

  • Que Pasó in January 2016

    Que Pasó in January 2016

    Gifts Of Giving Panza Verde Quema del Diablo Los Tres Tiempos Antigua’s Signs Auction Fonda de la Calle Real Cafe Condesa Convivio...

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