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  • The Authentic Taste of Italy

    The Authentic Taste of Italy

    Barbara Trentavizi, the owner of Caffè Opera, is back as head chef after taking a four-year break to pursue her work as...

  • Chinchivir


    Chinchivir drink is made from several varieties of limes and spices, and originally was a refreshment especially for cucuruchos (the men who...

  • Buñuelos


    A buñuelo is a small ball made from yeast dough that is deep-fried, then drenched in hot syrup made from water, sugar,...

  • Popol Vuh Museum

    Popol Vuh Museum

    If you have some time to pass in the capital and love history and artifacts, here’s the place for you; pre-Hispanic and...

  • Senderos de Alux

    Senderos de Alux

    If your hobbies include mountain biking or bird watching, then the Protected Area of Parque Ecológico Senderos de Alux is just right...

  • Energy Everyone Can Afford

    Energy Everyone Can Afford

    Bringing light into a home not only enhances life, it also brings opportunities. In developing countries like Guatemala, many households do not...

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